About Transderm Scōp®: The Travel Patch™


Road warrior:
The long car ride to Suzanne's parents' house had always been a problem. She tried everything she could think of without success, until her doctor prescribed the Transderm Scōp® patch. Suzanne applied the patch the night before, as she and her husband were leaving bright and early. She was pleasantly surprised that she actually enjoyed being a passenger in the car, and she had a great ride to her folks and an uneventful trip back home.

Going places:
Scott's promotion included long train rides, which almost made him turn it down. His doctor suggested the Transderm Scōp® patch, which Scott applied in the morning before a noon departure. He got work done on the way and had an easy trip back the next day.

Ride on:
Jan's family trip to Orlando was years in the making—or actually, delaying—because of her lifelong bouts with motion sickness. She filled her doctor's prescription for the Transderm Scōp® patch and looked forward to the trip. From the plane ride through days of park rides—teacups spinning and roller coasters dipping—Jan had almost more fun than her kids.

Above patient accounts are for illustrative purposes only. Results may vary. Do not drive or operate machinery while using the Transderm Scōp® patch. Transderm Scōp® patch should not be used in children.