What Is Motion Sickness?

Please consult with your healthcare provider for details of motion sickness.

If you sometimes feel nauseous, dizzy, or even feel like vomiting when riding in a car, plane, or boat, you may suffer from motion sickness. Motion sickness is related to your sense of balance, which is maintained by the complex interaction of signals from your inner ear and various senses (sight, touch, smell, etc). Together, they tell your brain where your body is in space – in what direction you're heading, whether you're turning or standing still. These signals sometimes get confused. For instance, if you're reading in the back seat of a car, your inner ear and skin receptors feel the motion of the car, but your eyes are focused on the page. The result may be motion sickness.


Do I suffer from motion sickness?

Check your symptoms; talk with your doctor.

Could it be motion sickness that's upsetting your travel – and your life? Motion sickness is a real health issue that can be very disruptive, so talk with your doctor about the preventive solution that may be right for you. These points may help start the conversation:

  • Give your doctor a specific example of a time when you missed out on a special event due to motion sickness brought on by traveling in a car, airplane, train, boat, etc.
  • Tell your doctor what symptoms you feel, such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting or headache.
  • Discuss how motion sickness interferes with your life.

The questions below can help you get ready to talk about motion sickness with your doctor. Just complete the following statements, then click on the 'Printer-Friendly' button to print out your answers and bring them to your next appointment.

I sometimes feel ill when using these forms of transportation:

The travel symptoms I suffer from are:**

The medications I have tried to relieve my motion sickness are:

These medications have helped me:

Once you've made your selections, click on the "Printer-Friendly" button below to print out this form. Remember to bring it to your next appointment to help you talk with your doctor about the solution that may be right for you.

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** This is not a complete list of symptoms associated with motion sickness. For more information, please speak to your doctor.